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~lots of loving from night-to-day-to-night \(≧▽≦)/~

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140805 Interview with Sports Chosun (Sea Fog promotions)

TRWA "HUMANS ARE SCARY" printed teeCollapse )

a fairly newly established Korean brand with collections starting the end of 2013.

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140622 Incheon to Changsha Huanghua International Airport

Yoochun flying to Changsha, Hunan for interview(s) & 'Happy Camp' recording in China.
Today's fashion is very very affordable =D It's super amazing.

Uniqlo x Pharrell cap, Converse, etcCollapse )

A Japanese casualwear ("Lifewear") clothing brand. Founded in 1949, but have since 2005, become a subsidiary of Fast Retailling co (also Japanese & also owns majority stake in J Brand). It is a popular brand in asian countries and has expanded worldwide (popular in Hong Kong and the UK), most recently to Australia.
It is super affordable and I personally find their materials, design, & comfort very enjoyable.

2—Pharrell Williams,is an American producer and artist who's been behind many top hits since the '90's till now. He's collaborated with many artists and is a hit maker whether behind the scenes or in front.

3—Converse,a popular footwear brand. Most notable for their canvas shoes/laceups.

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140614 Guangzhou, China to Incheon Airport

Yoochun flying out after his fanmeet back to Korea on June 15th; he was with Gummy (guest singer) & being mobbed like no tomorrow.

Carven, etcCollapse )

A French luxury brand founded in Paris in 1945 by Madame Carmen de Tommasobut.
Solely focused on couture until 2010. Guillame Henry, a French designer who worked with several other luxury brands including Givenchy, joined Carven in 2009 and launched it's first ready-to-wear collection. The Carven look is a young and modern silhouette with an easy to wear vibe, yet retains its femininity and sophistication through beautifully tailored cuts and blends of modern materials. Highlights of this season's Carven looks are the intricate cut-out details that give a simple structured dress a little bit more edge to become a contemporary design.

2—Shoes are the same Golden Goose 'Running' Sneakers in Gold posted [here]

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140614 'Housewarming Party' Fanmeeting in Guangzhou, China

His 2nd outfit for the fanmeet (see notes) is the white Monogram Shirt from the 2014 Spring/Summer collection. He wore this through the cooking segment~

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam "Monogram Shirt", etcCollapse )

1—Mark McNairy New Amsterdam
Defined by a strong sense of sartorial history with an eye fixed on the future, and combines the designer's vast knowledge of American and English tailoring tradition and complete dedication to craftsmanship. McNairy is praised for designs & commitment to local manufacturing, the entirety of the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam line is produced exclusively in the US and UK, including use of a traditional shoe factory in Northamptonshire, England.

The men's sportswear collection, manufactured in small factories in the USA, offers a fresh take on traditional menswear peppered with subtly intelligent design flourishes.

2—His outfits for this gz fm
i)   Dark blue/black textured suit w black inner shirt    [pic]

ii)  White shirt, black pants    [during cooking segment]
iii) Red sweater (same design seen on Junsu in his 2013 Xia Ballad Concert)    [pic]

* * *
140613 Incheon Airport to Guangzhou, China

Flying in for his fanmeet on June 14th. He took this flight with Gummy (singer).
In his currently favored black ankle pants & yaesss open collared shirt~ & focus on the sneakers.

Golden Goose Running Sneakers, etcCollapse )

1—Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
An Italian brand that found fame thanks to its sneakers and boots in used-effect leather.
Founded in 2000 by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, Golden Goose soon achieved the highest success in the world of fashion, positioning itself among the top luxury boutiques in Italy and around the world. Bearing the brand's trademark star, Golden Goose's vintage-style sneakers have become an iconic item of footwear. The brand's leather boots, a mix of country style and rock-chic detail, are a perfect example of high-quality Italian manufacturing and attention to detail.

2—The sunglasses he's sporting are not Ray-ban.

3—Navy Moldir [JYJ Jaejoong's luxury fashion brand] "Square Progression4 AP.Case" (airport/passport case) also spotted.
[Navy Moldir Sq Progression4 AP Case]

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140604 At Public Voting Booths

On his birthday, before his Ilsan fanmeet at the Kintex, he went to exercise his right to vote^^

Valentino×Havaianas, etcCollapse )

1—Valentino is a top tier brand name
2—Havaianas are a popular sandals brand
3—He wore this same outfit around the same timelast year, on 130625.
130625 by Red Carpet Saloon...Collapse )

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140530 Macau to Incheon Airport

Flying from Macau back to Korea, Yoochun was seen in CA4LA (Time Out London locale) beanie in navy blue & Birkenstock sandals in white^^

CA4LA, Birkenstock, etc picsCollapse )

1—CA4LA:(Pro­nounced as Ka-shi-la in Japan­ese) means the head and also the top. CA4LA is the orig­i­nal Japan­ese hat brand, cre­ated by Weave Toshi, Japan’s lead­ing man­u­fac­turer and retailer spe­cial­ized in hats [http://www.leclaireur.com/en/designers-en/ca4la-2/#sthash.lmI9A2p0.dpuf]

2—Time Out:This old-fangled hat shop is the sole English outpost of cult Japanese uber-milliner CA4LA. The rustic looking boutique sells a great selection of classic deerstalkers, jaunty caps and cosy bobbles from £40, and is a pilgrimage destination for Japanese residents eager for the headgear of home.

3—Birkenstock:is a famous brand from Germany

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Based off the original 2048 game, this site allows you to modify it with your own images.
Inspired by the Xia Junsu version floating around somewhere XD.

I decided on a cute Bighead version.


All images belong to their owners & I merely edited + numbers.

please enjoy <3


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2012 《Story of 1000 Days》 capstory~

Junsu's work always seems to get undone quick...

Yoochun's face XD & JYJ Dynamics... troll!Jae? awww Su bb

from intro part。

LARGE (original size, on Twitpic)

Drawing conclusions (previw size)Collapse )

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Introducing Yoochunnie…erm…I mean Micky Park Yoochun - shii.

Image (GIFs) heavy ———Collapse )


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