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[fashion] 140622 Uniqlo x Pharrell Cap & Converse Footwear

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140622 Incheon to Changsha Huanghua International Airport

Yoochun flying to Changsha, Hunan for interview(s) & 'Happy Camp' recording in China.
Today's fashion is very very affordable =D It's super amazing.

[Uniqlo x Pharrell Williams] Collaboration Collection
Color: 69 NAVY in their "Men I Am Other" Baseball Cap series (sku#122112999-69-999-999)
Can be purchased at [Uniqlo]

Converse 'Jack Purcell' in white (sku#1Q698)
Can be purchased at [Converse]

[pic ref yoosuparadise, boscopnho, Uniqlo site, ConverseAAS]

A Japanese casualwear ("Lifewear") clothing brand. Founded in 1949, but have since 2005, become a subsidiary of Fast Retailling co (also Japanese & also owns majority stake in J Brand). It is a popular brand in asian countries and has expanded worldwide (popular in Hong Kong and the UK), most recently to Australia.
It is super affordable and I personally find their materials, design, & comfort very enjoyable.

2—Pharrell Williams,is an American producer and artist who's been behind many top hits since the '90's till now. He's collaborated with many artists and is a hit maker whether behind the scenes or in front.

3—Converse,a popular footwear brand. Most notable for their canvas shoes/laceups.

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