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[fashion] 140615 Carven Sweatshirt

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140614 Guangzhou, China to Incheon Airport

Yoochun flying out after his fanmeet back to Korea on June 15th; he was with Gummy (guest singer) & being mobbed like no tomorrow.

Carven Applique-face cotton sweatshirt (188291) grey/gray
from the 2014 S/S collection
Can be purchased at [Matchfashion, $191 USD (sale for $95USD at post)]
or locales,
Korea [JHong, 242,400원 (sale for 120,600원 at post)]
Japan [Laso, 37,800円]

[pic ref smile0051, 小Q的有天 & Laso clothing store]

A French luxury brand founded in Paris in 1945 by Madame Carmen de Tommasobut.
Solely focused on couture until 2010. Guillame Henry, a French designer who worked with several other luxury brands including Givenchy, joined Carven in 2009 and launched it's first ready-to-wear collection. The Carven look is a young and modern silhouette with an easy to wear vibe, yet retains its femininity and sophistication through beautifully tailored cuts and blends of modern materials. Highlights of this season's Carven looks are the intricate cut-out details that give a simple structured dress a little bit more edge to become a contemporary design.

2—Shoes are the same Golden Goose 'Running' Sneakers in Gold posted [here]

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